I was tired of being
I ask myself:
'Will I ever be able to

Are you tired of gaining weight year after year, feeling older than you are, and not feeling like yourself anymore?



I can vividly remember how I felt as I took my shirt off at the poolside. I remember glancing down at my now protruding gut and asking myself, how did this get here?I was instantly hit with a rush of guilt and shame.

This was happening at a time in my life when dating was a priority for me, and yet I felt insecure and disappointed as cute girl after cute girl walked by, and I couldn’t muster up the confidence to introduce myself because I was sure that they would not like my body either. A fact was a fact...and I felt FAT! At this point I knew two things: 1) I NEVER wanted to feel like this again, and 2) NO ONE upon God’s green earth should the way that I felt at the moment.

It was at this moment that I experienced my personal epiphany, my Eureka moment! My new-found body was a direct result of my recent eating habits, and sadly I knew it. I knew that I needed to change, but HOW? Sugar was my everything. It was my go-to when I was feeling sad, stressed, depressed, bored, or anxious. Not to mention I did not know that I was 100% addicted to sugar. On top of that, it felt like the whole world was against me and my efforts to change.


They were everywhere! It felt like the whole world was conspiring against me and my goal to lose weight. It did not matter where I chose to run because I could not get away. If I was at a family party, a baseball game, a social gathering, or simply hanging with my friends, sugar was always there, and I wasn’t about to be the weird one passing up the refreshments!

My lifestyle slowly led me into feeling irritable, groggy, light-headed, and sapped of all of my energy. I hated feeling like I was 10 years older than I was and having to resort to more sugar and caffeine to feel half way normal again! On and on this cycle went while I remained ignorantly in the dark as to WHY this was happening to me!


I was determined to find out what was going on with me, and I was loaded with questions. Why was I putting on weight when my diet had not changed? Was I just getting older? Why did I get energy when I ate my food and then crash later? Why would I get mood swings and snap at people when they meant no harm? Why was I forgetful and spacey when I sat down to do my homework? Why would I need to take a nap two hours after I woke up?

For the past 15 years, I have been personally researching the answers to these questions. This journey has taken me through college, post graduate studies, and over 300 books related to health, nutrition, and behavior change. Through my studies, I learned that it was sugar and processed food that caused my ailments! I am sure that many of you agree with this statement passionately.For others, it may seem far-fetched or hyped up.

Regardless of opinions, facts are facts, and I am excited to share with you the cutting-edge information that I have learned and personally experienced over the past 15 years.

Hello, my friend, my name is Griff Neilson founder of the Sugar Freedom Revolution

I have been a Level III Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, and nutritional expert for over 15 years, and I want to share with you some of my clients’ insights and direct quotes regarding junk food and sugar addiction.

How about you?

Have you had a similar experience?

"I know that I should not eat so many sugary treats, but when I get STRESSED, I simply don’t care. I just want something sweet to distract me and help me to relax!"

"I am tired all of the time, and I suck down coffee and sugar at least twice per day just so that I can make it through the day!"

"I know that my sugary treats and drinks make me fat and unattractive to my boyfriend, but I cannot seem to break away from them regardless of how much will power I seem to muster. It scares me because I want to be attractive to him."

"I am not addicted to sugar (I have heard this from dozens of clients over the years when indeed they are; they just don’t know it)."

"I know I am addicted to sugar, and it rules my life. I think about it often. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but it is very true!"

"I can’t stop eating sugar because it is a mental thing with me. I am always coming up with reasons as to why I deserve it, and I get angry when I tell myself that I cannot have it!"

"I get OVERWHELMED when I think about taking sugar out of my diet. After all, I really like it, and I don’t like the thought of getting rid of it completely!"

"Eating too much sugar gives me instant energy and instant pleasure. It makes me feel good. But then I crash and burn going from happy to cranky, and then irritable and hard to be around."

"I can usually muster up the will-power to abstain from junk food for a few days, but I inevitably get STRESSED out and cave in. It is very depressing and demoralizing."

"I have a hard time eating healthy because I am in a hurry and I don’t have the TIME to cook for myself. It’s also hard to eat healthy given my limited budget."

"To hell with sugar. I have a love-hate relationship with it, and I cannot seem to break my addiction. I need professional help because it is destroying my relationship with my husband.(I have heard this from both genders, in case you are wondering)."

"I have gained 5 lbs. in one year, and I KNOW that it comes from eating poorly, yet I still can’t get myself to stop."

Answer these questions...

How would you define your relationship with food? Are you in control of it, or is it in control of you? How much sugar do you consume daily? Do you even know how much sugar you are consuming daily? How do you FEEL? Are you physically healthy? Do you have energy? Are you riding the energy roller coaster of highs and lows? Are you resorting to coffee, soda, and sugar just to get through the day?

How about your self-image?

Are you pleased with how you have taken care of yourself? Do you like your current body weight, or do you feel like you could shed a few pounds--or maybe a lot! How is your sex life? Are you pleased with how you look naked, and are you satisfied with your sexual performance? The questions that I just asked you are NOT haphazard, careless, or random. Did you know that excess SUGAR and PROCESSED FOOD affects each and every one of those aspects of your life? In fact, excessive sugar consumption has the power to tilt your hormones out of balance and make you feel like the following:

  • Ravenously hungry with craving cycles
  • Tired and depleted of energy (after the initial boost has worn off)
  • A little "off"

I now live and breathe the lifestyle that I teach in the Sugar Extinction Course and as a result I have the energy of a 20 year old, the body fat % of an Olympic athlete, and I crave REAL food. I am happy, confident and passionate about my life once again. It is now my honor and obligation to share these proven lifestyle principles with you.

Fortunately things have changed for me and they are about to change for you as well.I now have more energy than people in their twenties, my body fat percentage stays well under 10% at all times of the year, and I don’t suffer from long-term depression, anxiety, or energy highs and lows.

Best of all, I experience SUGAR FREEDOM each and every day of my life. Let me tell you how I define Sugar Freedom. Sugar freedom means waking up with energy and without achy joints and lower back pain. Sugar Freedom is having energy to take my wife and kids hiking without getting exhausted. Sugar Freedom is enjoying natural hormone levels that allows me an intimate life with my wife that most men would only dream of without the aid of pills loaded with side effects, such as erections lasting longer than 4 hours and heart palpitations!

Sugar Freedom means not having to pay for costly medical bill or expensive and dangerous prescription drugs. Sugar Freedom means looking into the mirror and saying, Yep, that’s me rather than saying, How did I get this chubby? and then feeling guilty about it!Sugar Freedom means sleeping soundly throughout the night. Sugar freedom means possessing self-control and a strong self-image because I am in control of what goes into my mouth!

How Will YOU Feel When You Have Achieved Sugar Freedom?

Now I ask you the question: How will YOU feel when you accomplish Sugar Freedom? What will it do for your relationships, your energy levels, your profession, and your waistline? Take a moment and imagine what it would mean to you personally to be in control of your cravings and your appetite. How would you feel knowing that you are feeding your body with life-giving foods that taste good to you because you are no longer addicted to sugar? How would it feel to walk into a party and feel like you are in control of what you eat rather than bingeing on all of the junk food just because it is available and it tastes good?

If you are ready to feel alive again and take control of your health, it is time for you to enroll into the official Sugar Extinction Course!This course will teach you the strategies, tips, and lifestyle characteristics that are ESSENTIAL to crush your sugar addiction once and for all!

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Let's talk about what you get when you enroll into the Sugar Freedom:
Breaking the Bonds of Sugar Course. Below is a basic outline of the course units.

The Sugar Freedom course is just that...a real, structured course that has been sytematically designed and developed to help you address the two main elements of sugar addiction.

  1. Psychological Addiction
  2. Physiological Addiction

The Sugar Freedom course is structured around these two main principles, and all course content is aimed towards these two components of addiction. The following is a course outlay of weekly topics.



Sugar Addiction IS Real! (And WHY You Should Care!)

Book With Title -Breaking the Bonds of Sugar Addiction - Sugar  Freedom Revolution

In this lesson, you will learn how sugar addiction is destroying your health and making your life miserable. You will be introduced to the myriad of ways that sugar will negatively impact your health.

You will leave this unit with a new appreciation of the problem that you are facing. This is you’re A-HAmoment, and the beginning of your journey!!

  • Fill out the Sugar Addict Questionnaire
  • Begin to act towards your goal and feel healthy!

I am NOT Addicted To Sugar!Acknowledging Your Sugar Addiction & Squaring Up With Reality

Laptop with text - Next Webinar Will Be Soon

One of the main reasons that sugar addicts remain addicted is because they view sugar as harmless, or they trivialize their addiction. This belief makes any forward progress impossible. Consequently, this segment of the course is designed to shock you into reality.


The Many Faces and Functions of Sugar

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What if your food looked like sugar? Would you still eat it? This segment is designed to help you see the food that you eat in a drastically different light. In addition, you will learn the following:

  • REAL weight loss!
  • The basic chemistry of sugar
  • Little known sources of sugar (the many forms of sugar that you never knew existed)
  • The Glycemic Load, and how it impacts your overall health
  • The myth of calories in vs. calories out for weight loss

Cracking the Code of Sugar Addiction

Phone with text - Sugar Freedom Revolution - Crush Your Addiction

When was the last time you were addicted to broccoli? What about arugula? Why is it, then, that most Americans are, indeed, addicted to sugar? What is it about this substance that is so addictive? In this section, you will learn about...

  • Physiological sugar addiction
  • How sugar addiction affects your brain chemistry
  • How fructose metabolism makes you fat
  • How you become addicted, and what to do about it!

Sugar Addiction Recovery Phase I: Mental Reconditioning

Book with title - Breaking the Bonds of Sugar Addiction - Sugar  Freedom Revolution

In this unit, you will learn how your conditioned beliefs have enslaved you into addiction, and how your limiting beliefs impact your everyday decisions. You will learn how you have been conditioned since childhood to believe that sugar is normal and harmless. You’ll also learn the following:

  • How to change your conditioned beliefs
  • The power of food marketing on human behavior
  • The power of your subconscious mind and how to change it from your worst saboteur to your greatest ally!
  • Step-by-step mental reconditioning guide to help you along the way

Structures & Systems

Book with title - Breaking the Bonds of Sugar Addiction - Sugar  Freedom Revolution

Let’s face it; we live in a busy world, and we all lead busy lives. This fact leads many of us to consume sugar and convenience-based processed foods. In this segment, you will learn how to plan your life around your food instead of planning your food around your life.You will learn the structures and systems to make your lifestyle truly enjoyable and sustainable.

  • Goal Setting
  • Create your own crystal-clear vision of health, energy, and wellness!

Sugar Addiction Recovery Phase III: Loading Your Anti-Sugar Arsenal

Phone with text - Sugar Freedom Revolution - Crush Your Addiction

These two segments are dedicated to teaching you the most time-tested and proven anti-sugar strategies known to mankind. You will learn the theory and practice of each of these tactics. Be ready to make a change in your life because this is exactly what will happen when you load up your Anti-Sugar Arsenal!

  • Learn 6 strategies to CRUSH any mental barrier
  • -Instantly crush your cravings and desires

Savoring the Sweetness of a Lifestyle Change

Book with title - Breaking the Bonds of Sugar Addiction - Sugar  Freedom Revolution

In this unit, you will learn about KEY lifestyle traits, such as time management, sleep management, and stress management that can make or break your success. These traits if neglected or ignored are the X-factors that WILL derail your efforts and leave you continually frustrated and addicted.

Empower yourself with:

  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Sleep management
  • and create PERMANENT change in your life!
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What's In It For Me?

Let’s talk about what is included when you enroll in the Sugar Extinction Course. The course is broken down into 9 units to take at YOUR pace! This course is a comprehensive addiction recovery program based on holistic principles that requires WORK on your part!

When you purchase the course, you will receive the following:

Instant access to the 18 units of the course:

You will be able to access the Sugar Extinction Course at any time of the day in the comfort of your own home and without the judgment of anybody! You will be emailed a new unit of the course every week. This will help you pace the course and ensure that you do not feel overwhelmed.

A downloadable 64-page course manual:

This will help you navigate the course. It contains the major points made in the course so that you can access them at any time and take relevant notes as you watch the corresponding course videos.

Action Assignments!

These are found in your course manual and will help you apply and integrate the course material into your life. Using these will help you truly live a life of sugar freedom! Keep in mind that the Action Assignments are formatted to help you take ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Remember, absolving yourself of sugar addiction is a process, and the action assignments are designed to help you implement the material in a non-overwhelming and enjoyable sequence.

Bonus Material!

In addition you will receive FREE bonus material for signing up for the Sugar Extinction Course. The bonus material has been engineered to help supplement your Sugar Extinction journey, and they are LOADED with valuable information and content to help you succeed.

30-Day Meal Plan & Meal Planning Instructor

Do you have a hard time knowing WHAT to eat?

In this bonus you will get a 30-day meal plan that I have created with the intention of helping you crush your sugar addiction. This is NOT just a simple meal plan. This bonus is loaded with the following:

  • A video that shows you the simple and effective steps of healthy meal planning
  • A 30-day meal plan with multiple options
  • Resources for continued meal planning BEYOND the 30 days

"Naked" Sugar Guide: Your Guide to Using Natural Sugar for 80/20 Living & Cooking

Don’t want to live like a food Nazi?

Neither do I! In this course, I teach the 80/20 principle of living, which means that you should eat healthy and wholesome foods 80% of the time. This allows you to enjoy an occasional treat or even junk food 20% of the time. In this way, your body can handle the occasional assault i.e., junk food.

To implement this rule, I have constructed a 20-page guide that will help you through the following:

  • The 80/20 rule of sugar consumption
  • Taste-bud down regulation: I will teach you how your taste buds and body learn to crave sugar, how to unlearn this destructive pattern, and how to learn to crave real foods again
  • How to live in TRUE moderation
  • How sugar is refined and processed
  • The difference between natural and processed sugar, and what it means to your health
  • You will be given a large list of natural sugar substitutes to replace refined sugar. Great for cooking!
  • Cooking tips and strategies for each
  • I will teach you which so-called “healthy” sugars NOT to use and WHY!

The Eating Out Eating Scout

Are you tired of not knowing what to eat when you eat out?

If so, I have compiled this guide to help you avoid the potential pitfalls typically associated with eating out. As you know, restaurants are notorious for adding sugar to just about everything that they make.

Many of the foods that were traditionally safe are no longer safe from today’s sugar infusion. With many restaurants adding sugar to sauces, drinks, and even protein sources, it is imperative to be aware and on guard.

I have designed this guide to help you understand the basic rules of restaurant eating so that you can live and eat comfortably while traveling or eating out. You will become much more aware and confident eating out as you apply the simple principles contained in this simple guide.

Your Ultimate Cleansing Cache: Your Step-by-Step Cleansing Guide

Did you know that you have harmful fungus, yeast and bacteria in your gut right now?

Yes, it is true and to make matters worse they are driving your sugar/junk food addition without you knowing it! This is truly one of the most overlooked X-Factors of sugar addiction that you MUST deal with if you truly seek Sugar Extinction! I have devised this step-by-step guide to help you rid yourself of craving-inducing bacteria and fungus. Get ready to cleanse your system and say goodbye to sugar cravings for good!

Crushing Your Sugar Cravings & Relieving Withdrawal Symptoms

What is the first thing that happens when you stop eating sugar? You CRAVE it! What is the second thing that happens when you stop eating sugar? You HURT! These are known as withdrawal symptoms and they can be crushing. In this comprehensive 60 minute presentation you will learn how to silence the pain of sugar withdrawal so that you can continue to life your life with energy and without the cravings!

Sugar Cessation Strategy (SCS) & Weekly Tracker

Not sure where to START with your sugar addiction?

I created this tool to help you create a feasible sugar cessation strategy that is unique to your level of addiction, ability, and goals. It removes the guesswork from sugar cessation by giving you a step-by-step implementation strategy. You DO NOT have to do this by yourself! You will be shown how to find your base-line sugar intake based on your level of addiction (as determined in Unit I of the course), and you will be coached on a personal strategy.

This tool was created with the knowledge that very few people are able to give up their addiction immediately and completely. Rather, most people are successful when they apply what I have coined the “MTM” Principle, which stands for “Menial to Mega.” This simply means that you succeed by accomplishing seemingly menial or small tasks on a daily basis.

For example, if you can reduce your sugar intake by only 5 grams for a week, it will be easier to achieve a greater goal the following week. Over time, these seemingly menial tasks will turn into mega results! In addition, you will be given sample cessation strategies based on your addiction level as determined in the Sugar Extinction Course.

Expectations and Nature of This Course

As you can probably tell by now, the Sugar Extinction course is NOT meant to be the following:

A) A quick fix program:

This program is a comprehensive program that will take you through a PROCESS of mental and physical change. Please know from the get go that you will have struggles, good days, and bad days, but I can promise you that it will be worth it when your life is changed for the better. Keep in mind the goal: PERMANENT LIFESTYLE CHANGE!

B) A passive experience:

The Sugar Extinction Course is designed for ACTION. I don’t know of a better way to put it. If you are looking for somebody to do the hard work for you, then this program is NOT for you! As a side note, the "hard work" that you will invest will be returned to you in the form of a permanent lifestyle change that you can enjoy forever!

C) A "rah-rah, feel-good session"

So many programs operate on a "pump-me-up" platform that is the antithesis of the Sugar Extinction Course. This course is politically incorrect at times, and you may learn FACTS that may hurt a little when you hear them for the first time. Take comfort: The truth will set you free!

I designed the Sugar Extinction Course to address 2 key elements of sugar addiction:

  1. Physiological Addiction
  2. Pyscological Addiction

There are many courses that touch on one of these two elements, but NONE of them address them together! If you only address one element of sugar addiction you are doomed to fail. This course is formatted to help you address sugar addiction from a holistic standpoint so that you can find and eliminate the root of your problem permanently!

It is created in a step-by-step fashion that is easy to follow. We back our course with a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided that you can provide proof of your Action Assignments. After all, change will only come to those who take action.

So, if you are serious about your health and serious about making LASTING change, please make the small investment today to make a MAJOR change in your life.


By making this investment today, you are simply purchasing a course; you are changing your life. Let's talk about the tangible and intangible benefits that will stem from living the principles taught within the Sugar Freedom Course:

• Your physique •
• Your self-esteem and self-concept •
• Your lifestyle •
• Your career •
• Your energy levels •
• Your intimate life •
• Balanced hormons •
• Your vitality and functionality •
• Your finances (medical bills) •
• Your relationships •

"I can personally guarantee you that your life will be changed forever if you APPLY what is taught in this course."


And, by the way, if you are telling yourself that this course might be too expensive or that you don’t have enough time to commit right now, I would like to respectfully ask you a few questions:

When will you have the time?

Those who are committed to their health and wellbeing MAKE the time because they MAKE it a priority. It is easy to pull the I don’t have time card, and we all do from time to time. The question boils down to this: Am I willing to put off my health yet another time?Do yourself a favor, and put yourself FIRST for a change...you will be glad that you did!

Can you really put a price on your health

Proactive people understand that if you kill the golden goose then it cannot produce any more golden eggs. What this means is that your health determines your productivity, success, and passion for life.It is easy to look at the price of this course and say I don’t think I can afford it right now and I respect that if it is legitimate. The problem is that we tend to use price as a convenient excuse when we know intrinsically that we should do something but we subconsciously want to avoid it because we know that it will take effort on our part.

Furthermore, how much will it cost you now and in the future if you decide NOT to act now? As we know medical bills are not cheap and neither is the cost of poor health. I would respectfully invite you to think proactively and know that your return on investment will be exponential to what you invest today!

Why should I trust the Sugar Extinction Course? Does Griff Neilson really know what he is talking about?

I do have years of formal education in nutrition and behavior change and but more importantly I continually study the field of nutrition, personal development, and personal behavior change on a daily basis. I have read over 300 books covering the topics of nutrition, personal development, holistic health, and exercise physiology. Even more important I love people and my calling in life is to help people change their lives for the better. To do that effectively I am continually educating myself formally and informally.

I have a 4 year degree in Exercise Science and took extensive course work in nutrition. I have three nationally recognized/accredited Personal Training Certificates and I am a Level III Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK institute. Furthermore I have presented my courses to over 25 mid to large sized business (including fortune 500 companies) in the state of Utah and have worked with over 500 individual clients. I am currently publishing my first book entitled, Exorcising Your Excuses set to be published in early 2017.

I have personally coached Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, and Nutritionists and I have helped them understand the holistic nature of nutrition, behavior change and spirituality.Here is a testimonial from the CEO of one of the companies that I have shared the Sugar Extinction Course with and have personally coached:

An important aspect of a successful and highly effective workforce is good health. Griff Neilson of Lifelong Fitness provides a wealth of knowledge trough his FitMent and Sugar Extinction Course that has visibly changed the lives of many of the executives at Mountain America. He brought a whole new level of understanding on good nutrition and the pitfalls of certain poor food choices. But that is just the beginning of the training. Griff has trained the staff on good sleep habits, stress management, and exercise. All of this has been combined with individual one-on-one training with staff and their spouses. The individual coaching is flexible and targeted on areas that will most benefit the participants.

I’ve personally had the opportunity to participate in Griff’s training and coaching along with my wife. I found the training very helpful for the family in making good food selections and changing my life. My daughter had been suffering from some weight issues. She decided to follow some of the nutritional principles that we had learned and tried to share with our children. The results were remarkable. She lost the weight she needed to lose and gained the self-confidence she had lost.

-Sterling Nielson, CEO Mountain America Credit Union

If you want more testimonials about my work and about me personally, I would invite you to check out my LinkedIn page at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/neilsongriff

What are others saying about The Sugar Extinction Course:

"Thank you for sharing your time and expertise to teach from experience the truths of human and social functions regarding health, nutrition and sugar addiction. This has been a key piece to my puzzle of making REAL change and progressing in my overall health. The Sugar Extinction Course has enabled me with knowledge & tools to make better choices.I have physically felt the change and now pay more attention to how my body and emotions responds to nutrition and sugar (or the lack thereof). Eating clean has a whole new meaning to me!"
-Tyler Bodero (student from 2015 pilot course)

"The Sugar Extinction Course was life changing for me. It was so much more than a class about sugar. I have a whole new awareness of how food affects my mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Thank you, THANK YOU Griff for such an insightful experience."
-Cassie Young (student from 2015 pilot course)

"Thank you Griff for your Sugar Extinction Course! It was extremely informative and the knowledge that I gained was priceless. Your sincerity and true caring for people really came through. I felt that the course gave us just enough information without getting too technical. I really enjoyed the Anti-Sugar Bombshells towards the end of the course and I am continually implementing what I learned from the course. This course has been a huge blessing for me and my life and eating habits will forever be changed! Keep up the great work!"
-Marty Loveless (student from 2015 pilot course)

"Griff, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all you have done for the health and wellness of me and my family. The things we have learned from you have been literally life changing, and not just for me, but also for my wife and my children. The classes that you have taught (Fitment Infinity and Sugar Extinction) were both informative and inspirational, and they gave me tools needed to make real, sustainable improvements to my life. I’m so glad that my wife was able to attend the Sugar Extinction class –we’ve been able to make so many positive changes to our family’s nutritional choices as a result of that course. This little note probably doesn’t fully express the impact you have had on me and my family, but please know how much we appreciate all that you have done (and continue to do) for us."
-Daniel Phillips (SVP of Mountain America Credit Union who participated in the first ever Sugar Freedom pilot program in 2014)


-What will it mean to you emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically if you don’t make the decision to change your life now?
Successful people LISTEN to what their body and soul are telling them and respond proactively. Your life is a reflection of the decisions that you make.

-Will it be easier for you to make a decision in the future?
Sadly, the truth is that procrastination ALWAYS makes decisions harder in the future because we get more entrenched in our ways. There is NEVER a better time to act than now.

-When will you MAKE time for yourself and make your health a priority?
Those that are healthy have made their health a priority and have allotted the appropriate time to make it a reality.

-Can you really excel at your career or relationships if you don’t invest in your health and wellbeing?
How can you serve others if you do not take care of yourself? You cannot give what you do not possess

I hope to see you shortly my friend so that I can introduce you
to YOUR new life of energy, passion and optimal health!


Griff and Jordan
-Co-founders of the Sugar Freedom Revolution


Griff Neilson is a public speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for health and fitness. He specializes in Sugar Addiction and Personal Development and is the author of 3 training series devoted to personal change. He is a multiple certified Personal Trainer, nutritional expert and Level III CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. He graduated from the University of Utah in Exercise and Sports Science and has presented his FitMent Infinity and Sugar Freedom programs to over 20 corporations, ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 Companies.

During the past 15 years, Griff has helped hundreds of people both personally and publicly understand the importance of changing their “minds” in tandem with changing their health habits. His programs are unique in that they blend personal development with personal fitness, and that they incorporate the power of the mind with personal change.

Griff owns and operates a local Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching center in Kaysville, Utah, and he is currently contracted by Mountain American Credit Union as their head Wellness Coach. Griff has lectured publicly to over 50 audiences and is always seeking greater opportunities to spread his message of sugar addiction, fitness, and holistic health through his integrative and life changing programs. Look for Griff’s first book, Exorcising Your Excuses set to publish in early 2017.


Jordan Brown is a certified personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach, with over 4 years in the health and fitness industry. After years of reflection, self-study, meditation, and practice, he’s learned the importance of understanding one’s self, and seeks to spread that awareness in whatever he does. He feels conviction and passion about reconnecting people, and teaching them how to love and accept all, including themselves.