"I was tired of feeling fat, exhausted, out of control, and unattractive. I knew I needed to make a change!"


My Story

To this day, I can vividly remember how I felt as I took my shirt off at the poolside. I remember glancing down at my now protruding gut and asking myself, How did this get here?I was instantly hit with a rush of guilt and shame.

This was happening at a time in my life when dating was a priority for me. Yet, I felt insecure and disappointed as cute girl after cute girl walked by, and I couldn’t muster up the confidence to introduce myself because I was sure that they would not like my body either. A fact was a fact, and I felt FAT! At this point, I knew two things: 1) I NEVER wanted to feel like this again, and 2) NO ONE upon God’s green earth should feel the way that I felt at the moment.

"It was at this moment that I experienced my personal epiphany, my eureka moment!"

My "new-found body" was a result of my recent eating habits, and, sadly, I knew it. I knew that I needed to change, but HOW? Sugar was my everything; it was my go-to when I was feeling sad, stressed, depressed, bored, or anxious. Not to mention I did not know that I was 100% addicted to sugar. On top of that, it felt like the whole world was against me and my efforts to change.

Sugar and sweets ruled my world, and they were everywhere! It felt like the whole world was conspiring against me and my goal to lose weight. It did not matter where I chose to run because I could not get away. If I was at a family party, a baseball game, a social gathering, or simply hanging with my friends, sugar was always there, and I wasn’t about to be the weird one passing up the refreshments!

"I was irritable, groggy, and sapped of all my energy."

My lifestyle slowly led me into feeling irritable, groggy, light-headed, and sapped of all of my energy. I hated feeling like I was 10 years older than I was and having to resort to more sugar and caffeine to feel half way normal again! On and on this cycle went while I remained ignorantly in the dark as to WHY this was happening to me!

Eventually I decided that enough was enough. I was determined to find out what was going on with me, and I was loaded with questions. Why was I putting on weight when my diet had not changed? Was I just getting older? Why did I get energy when I ate my food and then crash later? Why would I get mood swings and snap at people when they meant no harm? Why was I forgetful and spacey when I sat down to do my homework? Why would I need to take a nap two hours after I woke up?

For the past 15 years, I have been personally researching the answers to these questions. This journey has taken me through college, post graduate studies, and over 300 books related to health, nutrition, and behavior change. Through my studies I learned that sugar and processed food caused my ailments!

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